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Pluvimate Sample Data


Figure 1. Comparison of logging output for frontal precipitation created by the Pluvimate (5 um rain/2 minute resolution) and a tipping bucket (Davis Vantage Pro, 0.2 mm rain/10 minute resolution). Note the 3 hour delay before the first rainfall was logged by the tipping bucket, and that the duration of the event was incorrect by a total of nearly 5 hours.

Figure 2. The cumulative rainfall logged by both instruments was indistinguishable.



Figure 3. Data courtesy of Lisa and James Baldini showing correlations at a cave site in Poland between local rainfall measured using a Pluvimate and cave driprate responses using Stalagmates.


Figure 4. One year of monsoon rainfall measurement at Mawmluh Village, near Cherrapunji, India where the instrument was deployed and data collected 13 momths later. The monthly and annual totals compare very closely with data collected at Cherrapunji, 10 km away. The record provides monsall precipitation rates at 30 minute resolution across the season with over 1.1 million drops counted.